Skincare essentials - 1/4 of 2018

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Since the first quarter of the year is behind us I decided to show you what kind of skincare products I've been using in those three months. This list is a little bit minimalistic because lately, my skin wasn't cooperating with me at all, so I had to do a tiny skincare detox. 

Tony Moly - Fruity Capsule Tok Tok Kiwi That's one of the best sleeping packs that I've tried. It has very soft consistency and the smell... amazing. I found it in TK Maxx. Link:

Tony Moly - Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack I bought in Sephora in Spain and I love it. Besides super cute package, it's a very good product for clogged pores. And it has soft mud consistency. Link:

Ziaja face creams This is Polish brand. Feels like the opinion about their products is considerably polarised. Ziaja stuff is very inexpensive, which means a lot of people believe that this affects the quality. Usually, before I take my statement about anything I need to see it for myself. So, I'm using those two face creams (they're recommended for acne-prone skin) on my daily basis and I've noticed quite an improvement. The green one is a night cream (contains Mandelic Acid, which is a super beneficial ingredient in acne treatment) that helps you eliminate hyperpigmentation and discoloration. The white one is an antibacterial day cream that keeps your skin clean and less oily during the day. Links: &

Ziaja face toners I used green one during the day because it's super refreshing and it contains Vitamin C (great for hyperpigmentation). The blue one contains a hyaluronic acid that can help naturally reduce signs of aging associated with sun exposure, skin dryness or flakiness. That's why I feel it can do a better job during the night. Links: &

A few weeks ago I ordered a package from so my next quarter is going to be dominated by Asian skincare products. Can't wait to tell you about it!

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